bubble fruity

A little small shop along Saba Road that serves up Chinese desserts, which loosely translates to “sugar water”. After our meal at Charcoal, we decided to head over to Cal’s place for a few more drinks, the ice cream that was given at Charcoal ignited Cal’s sweet tooth. He decided to go and order to-go from Bubble Fruity, which is just located few blocks from his apartment. Mizu and I were in charge of going down to pick up the desserts, it was around 10PM and they were fully packed with people, both dine in and take outs. I’ve never been here before, since I’m usually not in the area, but I was overwhelmed with the crowd at this hour for just sugary soups. I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

Cal and Mizu likes durian, the stink Asian fruit, me not so much. They both ordered the Durian Flavour Sago Cream, which is coconut milk with sago (a type of tapioca) and chunks of durian meat. It overwhelmed Cal’s dinning room to the point I didn’t even feel like taking a picture of it. Apparently that was their best seller, according to Cal, and it was true since I heard a lot of people were ordering it while we waited. From what I can tell, they did give a fair amount of durian, which is rare for such an expensive fruit.


Mango Sago Cream With Pomelo

Which in Chinese is 楊枝甘露, my go-to when I don’t know what to order. Bubble Fruity’s version had fresh cubes of mangoes, pomelo, sago and basil seeds. The soup was very thick and creamy, and full of flavours and natural sweetness. As if they used actual mangoes to make it and not just juice and sugar like most other Asian dessert places. I enjoyed the addition of basil seeds, the little tadpole looking things, they’re just like sago but with added texture.

I enjoyed it so much I wanted an extra one. I’d love to dine in some time to try out their other things, since it’ll probably be a bigger portion and taste better without the need of traveling. Prices were also relatively cheap, considering the amount of fresh fruit you’re getting.

bubble fruity
180 – 8188 saba road
Bubble Fruity Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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