miku restaurant

Dining at Miku Restaurant, the highly acclaimed, epitome of high end and sophistication of Japanese dining, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. They are known for their flamed pressed-sushi and meticulous care in ingredients and plating, but I remember this night as me having a selfie with Donnie Yen. Ok, back to the topic at hand, Miku. With an expansive waterfront view, service is bound to be good, or presumably so. Same goes for the food, certainly there are times where things were off, but in general my experiences at Miku has always lived up to the hype. Except for my wallet.

Late dinner with Tong and Baka J, since Tong doesn’t really drink he was our DD, and it was up to Baka J and I to finish the bottle of 極上吉乃川 Gokujo Yoshi No Gawa – ginjo. it was served in a short, champagne-like glassware. A bit awkward and not what I’m used to when drinking sake, but it’ll do as long as it gets the job done. Tong did all the ordering, since it was his treat, it didn’t bother us as we’re happy with our alcohol intake already.


Ebi Fritterwhite tiger prawns, herb-beer battered, sweet chili aioli, soy-balsamic reduction, chili powder

With a side Caesar salad, these prawns came huge and totally worth the price with the amount you get. Thought it was crisp and very well seasoned, it was leaning towards the heavier side because of the beer batter. The chili aioli added a bit of kick while the balsamic reduction provided a surprising tang, an interesting take on the usual ‘ebi mayo’. Definitely something different and worth trying.


Aburi Beef Carpaccio; sterling silver AAA short rib, tamari horseradish crème fraîche, 64° organic egg, jalapeño-garlic ponzu, organic baby greens

Would this be cheating if I professed my love for this Beef Carpaccio over Phnom Penh’s Butter Beef? Of course they’re two different dishes in both cuisine and style, pricing is also on the opposite spectrum, but the flavours and buttery texture of this beef far surpasses that of Phnom Penh’s. The dish was further elevated once the egg was popped, allowing the yolk to slowly drizzle over everything. It was a nice touch and added another level of umami to the dish.

CIMG0861Pan Seared Alaskan Scallopswatercress, frisée, quinoa, crème fraîche, yuzu puttanesca

The scallops were huge and very firm in texture, just barely cooked, you can taste the sweet freshness with each bite. I find the puttanesca to be a bit too strong to be paired against such a delicate seafood, but by itself it was tasty with hints of anchovy.


Ebi Oishi Sushipressed prawn, lime zest, ume sauce Salmon Oshi Sushipressed BC wild sockeye salmon, jalapeño, Miku sauce

I’m not sure if you’re able to do half orders of their signature Aburi Oshi Sushi, or if this was a special request from Tong, nonetheless we were able to enjoy one-piece-per-person of the Ebi and Salmon. My all time favourite is the Saba and Salmon, but seeing how Tong doesn’t like anything too fishy, he refrained from ordering the Saba as well. The salmon was fatty and rich due to their Miku sauce, seared perfectly, it was a good ratio between the rice, fish and sauce. However, I wasn’t a fan of the Ebi, though the sauce was creamier and more prominent for the Ebi, the shrimp itself was rather dry when seared, compared to the salmon which was melt-in-your-mouth juicy.


Sashimi Platter – for threebincho toro (albacore belly), hamachi (yellowtail), mystery dish, botan ebi (BC spot prawn), hotate (Hokkaido scallop), beni sake (sockeye salmon), maguro (red tuna)

Order goes clockwise, starting from the top. There was precisely three pieces for each sashimi, cut into the perfect bite size. It was just enough to allow you to try the different textures and flavours of each fish, without filling our appetites too much. Everything was fresh and tasty, presented beautifully on a large platter. A little bit disappointed that there weren’t any shredded daikon, I’m a sucker for edible garnishes that function more than just for show. There was only wakame and cucumber.


Miku Rollsalmon, crab, uni, cucumber, rolled in tobiko, Miku sauce

Slightly torched, the tobiko gave off a different texture which was interesting. Not quite as amazing as I had thought it would be, for a roll that’s named after the restaurant. Though it was good, I didn’t really get the taste of sea urchin ever being present. The Miku sauce, which I love, seemed to have overpowered the roll a bit.


AAA Sterling Silver Prime Rib5 hour sous-vide, brown butter wasabi sauce, market vegetables 


AAA Sterling Silver Prime Ribyukon potato puree baked with iwa-nori butter

When Baka J and I thought everything was here until we were brought out the main course. The mashed potatoes came separately, it had a consistent creaminess to it. I enjoyed the slight nuttiness from the burnt nori and bonito that was sprinkled on top, it was interesting and didn’t feel as heavy as other mashed potatoes that were mainly loaded with butter and cheese.

The Prime Rib was delicious, tender and served a perfect medium rare. It was already pre-sliced so we didn’t have to fuss with any cutlery or complications as to how to distribute the meat. I enjoyed the prominent, yet not overbearing, flavours of wasabi in the brown butter, it acted in place of horseradish which I wouldn’t normally use.


Green Tea Operagreen tea génoise, matcha butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, adzuki bean cream, hazelnut water, matcha ice cream

Of course, being Tong, we can’t call it a night without dessert. Miku’s most famous, Green Tea Opera was ordered, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed and underwhelmed. I love my desserts but I’ve never had a chance to try Miku’s, given that I always load up on food and alcohol already. It was rich and full of interestingly distinguishable texture. It was a bit one-dimensional and too sweet, I didn’t get what it was that other people were raving about. The ice cream on the other hand was one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

From start to finish, it was perfect. Everything was very organized and flowed in harmony, starting with the decor and koi mural atop the sushi bar, to the kitchen and plating, all the way to the service. The servers was friendly and professional, they met all the expectations and requirements you would want from such a high end restaurant. Though there were a few aspects on the dishes that left me doubtful, the overall experience was more than enough to overlook the minor mishaps. Of course, there was also Donnie Yen.

miku restaurant
200 granville street
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