taste good wonton seafood restaurant

With most other Chinese restaurants, the English names usually means nothing. Though this is a wonton and seafood restaurant, Juju, Ah Drew and I came after work to try their late night, just to see if it actually ‘taste good’ like its name implies. They’re open until 2AM and just right across the bridge, it was a nice change of scenery than the usual Asian late nights around Richmond. We also know of a friend that frequents here quite often, so that has to account for something.

There is a fair amount of parking spots up front in the small strip, with a few cars parked. Walking in, we’ve already expected service to be minimal, as few servers were sitting down on a table with customers chatting. We weren’t greeted and just told to sit anywhere we liked, tea and menu followed afterwards. Decor was pretty typical of Asian restaurants, it looked pretty clean, the guys ordered some beer as I took a gander at the menu. Since I couldn’t read Chinese, which was what the late night menu consisted of, with loose translations in English that don’t really explain much. I let the guys handle most of the ordering, adding in the dishes I would normally order or would like to have.

CIMG0879Spicy Clams

There was a fair amount of decently sized clams, no baby ones in this batch. It was stir fried with jalapeños, chilies, fresh and deep fried garlic. It had good heat and was very garlicky, I could still sense it in my mouth after the dish was done. Might not be up everyone’s alley, but I enjoyed it.



This was a dish Ah Drew ordered, I’m not too sure what it’s called nor does Taste Good have a menu online. They were deep fried pork ribs, stir fried with green onions in a sweet and tangy sauce, more bone than meat. It was very fragrant with Worcestershire, really did open up the appetite and went good with beer, not that I had any.


Deep Fried Pork Intestine

Served with plum sauce on top of picked radish & carrots, one of my faves and must order for Asian late nights. They weren’t as crispy as I’d like them to be, a bit under-fried in my opinion, resulting in a very outputting texture for the insides, it felt rubbery of fatty. Some of the pickles felt old and stringy, but I enjoyed it overall more so than the intestine themselves.


Four Season Green Beans

Another one of my staples, usually stir fired with chilies, garlic and minced pork. As if the beans were just in for a quick blanch, they weren’t crispy and felt under seasoned, it have benefited from being in the fryer for a little bit longer.



Another dish I’m not too familiar with. Deep fried fish, served with a sweet-soy sauce and green onions. The taste was similar to Chinese salt-cured fish with a lot of tiny bones, definitely not something I enjoyed but Juju and Ah Drew seemed okay with.

CIMG0884Marinated Soy Duck

Or Teochow Braised Duck, in Chinese a direct translation would be “Old Water” Duck made with a Chinese marinade consisting of soy sauce and a bunch of herbs. In fact, Lee Kum Kee sells it under the name Chinese Marinade, just because there is no way of translating it. A dish that I ordered after my previous two were a fail. The “Old Water” marinated was nice in this one, though I found the duck to be on the drier side. It was nicely done, but I’ve had better.

Price was relatively high despite it being for “Siu Yeh”. The food was not worth it, mediocre at best with nonexistent service. I might try their dinner or lunch services, hoping it could be better, but unless I have someone that strong suggests to come here I most likely will continue driving by.

taste good wonton seafood restaurant
620 south east marine drive
Taste Good Wonton Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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