chuan xiang ju bbq house

I use to frequent this little hole in the wall along Kingsway during my adolescent years, they were known for their late night eats and sketchy crowds, mainly because back then they were one of the the few that dared to serve alcohol beyond service hours. After being caught, and changing ownership several times, I think they’ve learned their lessons. Though owners and menu has had an update, the name and menu items remain the same. The name loosely translates to ‘House of Fragrant Skewers’, with a name like that it’s not hard to figure out what food they serve. Like Zakkushi, the skewers are mainly priced per, given some where they’ll give you two or three for the price. The food, in my memory, was pretty decent, so when RC and Wai decided to go there for a late night snack I agreed to join.


House Grilled Lamb & Grilled Chicken Gizzard

The guys started off with bottles of Tsing Tao beer while I had my lamb fix. Four skewers of lamb and two of the chicken gizzard were ordered. The lamb was fatty and gamy, very juicy and I quite enjoy the Northern Chinese spice that they sprinkle on their skewers. The gizzard was chewy, but I found the pieces to be a bit too small to fully enjoy the bite and crunch of it.


Garlic Spread Sliced Pork

Thinly sliced pork belly, blanched then drenched with a garlic concoction that is mildly spicy. Always my favourite dish to order at any Chinese restaurant that carries it. Your mouth will reek of garlic throughout the whole meal, even after brushing your teeth, but it is so worth it. It wasn’t as good as I’d remember, it was more fragrant in spice than actually being spicy, but was still enjoyable.


Garlic Spread Cucumbers

Notice the chip in the plate, yes, this will be normal at a little dive like this. This dish used to contain red chilies, but guess under a new chef the recipe has been changed. It was still tasty, tart and garlicky, it made a very appetizing dish. There was also another dish I had forgotten to take a picture of, the plate of Spicy Sliced Escargot you can see in the top left corner. It is served with a flimsy plastic glove and toothpicks for you to pick out the escargot, very tasty but a mess to eat.


Beef & Beef Tendon With Chili Sauce

This was something new, the Chinese name might be a bit confusing as it translates to “Sliced Lung By The Married Couple“, yet no lung is found. It was very chewy and textural, I couldn’t really understand whether or not I liked the dish.


Grilled Chicken Knuckle Grilled Chicken Heart

We ended off with another order of knuckles and heart. I wasn’t a fan of the hearts, I always found the texture to be too rubbery and could care less for the taste. The knuckles had a nice crunch to them, highly enjoyable when drinking. I especially love the Northern Asian chili spice, it kicks up the heat for the skewers, adding on to the spices that were already in place.

It was still as good as I remembered, overall it was an enjoyable night with good skewers, but don’t expect too much for service or cleanliness for this Asian dive. Prices do start racking up pretty quickly, but I find that our night here seemed to end off a little bit more expensive than those at Zakkushi. Then again it really depends on what you order, and what you feel for more as they’re two completely separate cuisines.

chuan xiang ju bbq house
106 – 3399 kingsway
Chuan Xiang Ju BBQ House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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