wing kee restaurant

Another night after work where Juju and I were trying to find another late night spot to grab a quick bite, trying to stray away from Japanese and the usual Siu Yeh places. The same friend that frequents Taste Good also comes here at times, since this place is so much closer to home, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try as well.

Wedged in the middle of a Value Village and a Thrift Store sits a small Chinese restaurant, Wing Kee Restaurant. There was still a few spots available up front when we arrived around 12AM, it showed promise that it was a busy spot, upon entering we saw that there were a handful of tables already seated. We were greeted and addressed to sit at the table closest to the door, it wasn’t a problem as long as the door stayed close, we waited for a bit before tea and menus were brought to us. As we were waiting for Ah Drew to get off, Juju decided to order some beer and a few appetizers. The server informed us that they don’t serve alcohol after 12, which seemed kinda weird since they’re open until 3AM. Do people come here to just eat and nothing else? It seems off for us already as our friend cant have a meal without pairing it with alcohol, but since we’ve already sat down we might as well order a few items and call it a sober night.


Spicy Cold Cucumbers

A few items that we wanted to order were ‘sold out’, so we just decided to get a few small appetizers while we waited. First came the pickled cucumbers, which was basically tossed in the sweet Thai chicken sauce with diced garlic. Little to say, it was not pickled at all, flavours if any came from the sauce and garlic. For a dish that is supposed to be light and open your appetite, this did the exact opposite of that.


Spicy Pork Ears

Sliced pig ears, tossed with julienned scallions and the same dressing as the cucumbers. Definitely not what we were expecting when this dish was ordered, Juju and I were hoping more along the lines of T&T’s Spicy Pork Ears. It was chewy and bland, we ended up having to force most of it down because we didn’t want to waste the food, but by the end there was still a good portion of it left.

We both gave each other the wary look, and right when we were going to call Ah Drew that we wanted to change locations, he called saying he was just outside. The bill was brought over to us promptly and we left feeling cheated and unsatisfied. I saw that the other tables seemed to be enjoying their food, I guess we just picked the wrong items or they’re just better at their entrées. Either way, I wouldn’t miss this place given their sparse service and poor execution for simple dishes.

wing kee restaurant
120 – 8260 granville avenue
Wing Kee Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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