nero belgian waffle bar

After our filling meal at Kingyo our sweet tooth started to kick in, so we walked a few blocks up to Nero Belgian Waffle Bar, the one that started all the waffle-craze. I never really got into the whole hype, nor did I find Nero that amazing the first time I went. I just assumed it was because it’s something new, and you know how Vancouver Foodies get all riled and start lining up for anything new.

Maybe because of the time and day, there weren’t any tables, except for one, when we arrived. Though our sweet tooths were calling, we only had the stomach to order two waffles to share between the four of us.


Dame Blanche On Liège Wafflevanilla ice cream, real whipped cream & dark Belgian chocolate

It was served slight warm, topped with a single raspberry and cocoa powder. The Liège waffle had a good crunch on the outside with a soft center, I really enjoyed the textural difference and the mild sweetness it had. It was much more tastier compared to that at Crackle Crème, but then again this should be a given since that’s what they’re specialized in. The dessert wasn’t heavy despite being loaded with whipped cream, it was just the right amount of creamy and balance of the sweet and savory.


Brèsilienne On Brussels Wafflevanilla ice cream, real whipped cream, hazelnut crumble & caramel sauce

The Brussels Waffle was more of what was normally served, or bought in supermarkets, they were bigger in size and a lot more crispier. It was very light and airy, compared to the Liège, I enjoyed this one more. Combining it with the Brèsilienne was a good choice, the caramel sauce would have been too sweet if it was paired with the Liège, but for the Brussels it was just right.

Overall, Nero is a solid dessert place that I would recommend of their waffles. It is all that it’s hyped up to be, but I’m still not a convinced fan. Waffles are just not up my alley when there are other desserts to choose from.

nero belgian waffle bar
1703 robson street
Nero Belgian Waffle Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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