rajio public house

A revisit to Rajio, this time with the whole crew for a late night snack, and some of those tasty fresh oysters that are just a little bit over $1! Even though they are just Royal Miyagis, this price is for the whole day, and not just happy hour.


Complimentary Cabbage Salad

I was finally able to snap a picture before the guys dove in, they purposely placed their chopsticks in the way to get on my nerves. This was a perfect small-bite to open up your appetite for the rest of the meal.


House Cold Sakelarge

The cold sake came in this metal teapot looking dispenser, which reminded me of what my grandmother used back at home to dispense oil. That image even came more vivid with the ‘cups’ being small condiment cups.


Corn Karaagedeep fried fresh corn on the cob dressed with soy butter

Once again, Corn Karaage was ordered, because who doesn’t love corn when it’s deep fried?


Smashing Hit Punchsliced grapefruit, orange, lime & lemon, watermelon juice & sprite, served in a mini watermelon with rum

Rajio’s drink specialty that you would most likely see ordered at every other table. The gimmick and presentation of the drink is what sells, however, the content is rather flat. Though tasty, it lacks alcohol and the ‘punch’ that is promised in the namesake. Tasting of just refreshing watermelon juice, it’s a must order if you’ve never tried, only as a one time thing. In my honest opinion though, I don’t think it’s worth the $14.


Bagna Caudafresh vegetables with dipping sauce, anchovy garlic & saikyo white miso from ancient imperial palace in Kyoto

Washed and cut vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, daikon, carrots, cabbage, and a single cherry tomato are served in a cute Pyrex measuring cup. Served along side a warm Bagna Cauda sauce, originally an Italian dip made of anchovy, garlic and olive oil, Rajio has put its own twist on it adding in white miso. The guys were skeptical at first when they saw the raw veggies being brought out, that was until the tried the sauce. It was creamy and savory, reminiscent of spinach dip. A second serving for the dip itself had to be ordered because it was quickly consumed with still half the veggies left.


Sea Urchin & Ikura Carbonara Udon

The only reason RC even comes here, this is one of his favourite dishes. It is creamy and delicious, even for those that don’t like uni or ikura would enjoy this dish. Though you can see a lot of mini pieces of uni sprinkled along the pan fried udon, the flavour is quite subtle. The ikura added a nice pop of saltiness to the dish, adding a different aspect of umami to the dish. I found it off that it was topped with shiso, I believe kizami nori would have been a better option, further adding into the ‘sea’ taste.



The guys ordered some deep fried skewers which I had no part in. This is just a quick snap as I probably wouldn’t remember what it was anyways.


Super Rib Steakshockingly huge 2lb beef rib steak with sharp wasabi & garlic soy sauce

This thing is MASSIVE, though to be fair, I think it only got to 2LBs because of the bone. I’ve only ever had it once at Suika, it’s cooked the same way; borderline rare with an acceptable bloody center, mainly the parts closest to the bone. It had a nicely seared crust, juicy and bursting with flavours, especially accompanied with a roasted garlic of a spread of wasabi. It was tender, give the parts with a lot of tendon, but for someone that loves fat, I do find some parts to be inedible.


Fresh OystersRoyal Miyagi, served with ponzu jelly and scallions 

Finally, our raw foods started to come, though the order was backwards I let it go since they were pretty busy that night. The oysters were fresh and plump, definitely a bang for your buck. The ponzu jelly was a nice touch, as it wasn’t doused in sauce like your typical Japanese oysters, it also wasn’t too tart of a ponzu flavour. Loaded up with a spritz of lemon and a dash of Tabasco, the first dozen was finished as soon as it was set down.


Sea Urchin Sashimi

The uni sashimi came afterwards, fresh and sweet, it was of decent size. It was served alongside seaweed and julienned cucumbers, which was something new. It added a nice refreshing crunch to the uni, but I much preferred the basics of just wrapping them in seaweed and dipping them in soy sauce.


3 Kinds Assorted Sashimituna, sockeye salmon, hamachi (yellowtail), takowasa (raw octopus with wasabi), tako (octopus), hotate (scallop), seared tuna, ikura (salmon roe)

Despite the menu listing this as ‘3 Kinds Assorted Sashimi’, underneath in brackets it says you actually get 7, which I find weird from a consumer point of view when reading it. Why not just say 7 Kinds Assorted Sashimi instead? The same goes for their ‘5 Kinds Assorted Sashimi’, where you actually get 9 kinds. I think the extra piece, since we do have 8, was given due to how late it actually arrived to our table. The cuts of fish were of fair size, each fresh and distinctively sweet.

The night ended off with too much alcohol intake and a bunch of tummy rubbing. Even though they are known, or specialize, in kushikatsu, their other menu items are not to be taken lightly of. I wouldn’t quite say they’re on par with either Kingyo or Suika’s yet, but this is starting to become a really nice hangout place for us, even though it is a bit of a venture out.

rajio public house
3763 west 10th avenue
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