After a night of drinking and dining at Rajio, I’m fully pumped full of liquids and iron from the 2LB steak and ready to donate blood. DK is my hostage this time, for safety and health reasons, of course we had to have a filling meal prior to getting our blood drained for a good cause.

I’ve had friends recommended Bufala when I was previously on my Neapolitan pizza hunt, seeing how high the reviews I was excited to try. Having a corner location, it has plenty of windows with wine corks lining up halfway as a type of divider. Inside was roomy and welcoming, very simple and bright, they also pined up wooden pizza paddles on top of the open kitchen.


It wasn’t very busy even though it was lunch hour. I loved how even the water is served in these little resealable bottles, just the minor details but its already given me high hopes.


Italian Burratapickled vegetables, house baked bread, olive oil. added prosciutto di ruliano

Where would Burrata be if it weren’t accompanied with its soulmate prosciutto? Of course prosciutto had t obe added, though it was thinly sliced, it melted on your tongue right as it landed.  It was a shame that there were only about 3-5 slices, but given the price of just $6 extra I consider that a win. The burrata was a bit tiny, the thin layer of skin broke away easily revealing the smooth and creamy center. The underdog highlight for me was actually the pickled vegetables, it was appetizing with just the right sweet and sourness to it. Paired nicely with the mustard seeds to help offset the heaviness of the cheese and meat. I didn’t feel much for the bread though.


Westside – vodka, basil, lemoncello, soda

An afternoon drink to bring me back to sobriety from the previous night, DK was fine with just water. I opt for one of their signature cocktails that looked light and refreshing on menu, yet interesting due to the addition of basil. The drink was tasty and actually quite strong. The flavours of basil got overwhelmed by the lemoncello, despite it having been muddled with the drink.


Funghishimeji & portobello mushrooms, goat cheese, watercress, pecorino tartufo, bianco

Pecorino Tartufo is one of my favourite cheeses, it is a raw sheep’s milk cheese infused truffle shavings. The Funghi pizza was cut into fours and came to our table with a pungent air of truffle, but the flavour itself was lacking. There was an abundance of mushrooms and a creamy bianco sauce, making this pizza very earthy somewhat heavy. The crust did do a decent job in holding up such a moist pizza, but there wasn’t enough leoparding for my liking.


House-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oilgarlic, parm, ham, chili

After our first slice of pizza, the oils were brought over. DK and I dabbed a poured a bit of each onto our plates and dabbed the remaining crust to try out each oil. To be honest, I couldn’t really taste the difference due to how light each one was. The only distinguishing ones were the parmesan and ham, which was slightly saltier than the rest. Even the chili wasn’t a wee bit spicy.


Calabriaspicy sausage, red peppers, garlic, manchego, marinara

For our second pizza we went for a red sauce one with meat, Manchego is another one of my favourite hard cheeses, they really know how to get to a cheeselover’s heart by their usage of gourmet cheese. It separates them from the others that would stick with mozzerellas, grana padano etc. which was something I really enjoyed. The sausage wasn’t too spicy, but it did add a subtle under kick, the roasted garlic were a nice touch.


A little pricey for lunch, and even more so for gourmet pizza, but with the ingredients they use I would say it’s justifiable. My only complaint was for the pizza crust itself, both DK and I found it rather chewy – not the good type, as if it were underdone. Leoparding on them was basically nonexistent, depriving us of that extra flavour of burnt crust, it didn’t do so well into holding up the wet ingredients. Our server for that day also gave us a ‘I don’t care about you’ vibe, as we had to wave her down a few times for water, and there seemed to be no smile or explanation as plates were just placed onto our table.

Maybe I just got the short-end of the straw that day, but I’m feeling torn about Bufala. Unless some off-chance I would be in the area, craving for pizza because the ingredients does make me want to come back, but the service along with execution is telling me no.

5395 west boulevard
Bufala Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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