pho thai hoa

As a child, this was my go-to spot for Phở when I used to live around the neighborhood. The servers would all recognize me, tiny little Asian girl bringing her grandmother along for a weekend lunch. Or was it the other way around? In my memory, this place was THE place for good Phở. Of course my palate has matured since then, and I’ve also been working so I have money to go explore some more, even then I would still stop by this place whenever I’m in the area.

I forgot what was the cause was for this foodventure, but Mr K and I were just feeling for Phở I guess. Being in the area, I had to come relive my childhood once again. It was pretty busy, though there were a handful of empty small tables for two. Decor still looked the same from my memory, with the addition of newspaper clippings now hanging on the walls.


Gỏi Cuốn; shrimp & meat salad rolls

Fresh and rolled tightly, this Shrimp roll also had pieces of chashu(?) underneath, not that those were noticeable, but was different. There weren’t much flavour going on, a pretty bland dish made tasty only by dipping it into the peanut hoisin sauce.


Bún Bò Huế; beef & pork with vermicelli in hot & spicy soup

I changed my noodles to the usual Phở rice ones, and added quail eggs. The noodles were cooked thoroughly with a nice bite, and didn’t clump together at the bottom like other Phở restaurants. Soup was light with just the right amount of oil and spiciness, but the real highlight for me was the pickled jalapeños pictured in the top left corner. This used to be a table-side staple, but now it is only brought out when you ask for it. It adds an extra flavour and kick that’s different from the red chilies would you otherwise add to the soup.


Phở Tái Bò Viênmedium rare beef & beef ball noodle soup

Mr K added quail eggs as well, not knowing one side order consisted of 6, which we could have easily shared. Though the beef balls are not visible, they were present. His soup is relatively clear yet packed full of flavour that wasn’t too salty.

The standard of food here might have lowered a bit in the years, or my tongue has become more picky, but this joint serves tasty food for a reasonable price. Service wasn’t all that great that day, food was brought promptly to our tables and that was that. I wouldn’t detour myself for a trip down here, but if I’m ever in the area, I would still come back for a nice hot bowl of Bún Bò Huế.

pho thai hoa
1625 kingsway
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