pearl house restaurant

Located in an industrial area along Number 6, being one of better food options, with economical combo prices and large portions serving up your typical bubble tea fare, Pearl House is bound to be packed during lunch hours on weekdays. I usually don’t venture this far, so it was Mizu that brought me here since I didn’t have a lunch that day.

He arrived before me since he worked closer in the area, and managed to get a table before the lunchtime rush came in.


Calpis Jasmine Green Tea Assam Milk Tea

The combinations work in an A+B+C format, meaning you have a choice of entrée with either an appetizer and/or drink, prices vary depending on what option you choose and if you were to have any alterations or add-ons. Both Mizu and I just opt for the entrée plus drink, as we weren’t interested in any of the appetizers that were offered. The bubble teas were pretty standard, not to sweet and mildly flavoured.


Stew Dried Mustard With Pork Brisket On Rice

Mizu’s rice dish came with two slices of spam, stir fried beansprouts and julienned vegetables, and a cold blanched edamame beans with hard tofu. There were only 3 slices of meat, which to me felt kind of a ripoff, but they were flavourful and enough for Mizu. He ended up pawning most of the veggies off to me, which were very bland, especially the edamame.


House Beef Shank Noodle In Soup  Spicy

For some reason, the option for the Beef Noodles was set separately, with a small price difference of 25¢ more expensive than Mizu’s. Nonetheless, the meat was very tender and flavourful, with perfectly cooked noodles. I asked for the soup to be spicy, it doesn’t look like much, but there is a small slick of chili oil floating above the broth that offered a good kick. The broth itself was also very rich and meaty, so it was nice seeing that they added a lot of the pickled mustard green to help balance everything out.


Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets

Despite the combos being a very hearty meal, my eyes got greedy and I added on the Chicken Nuggets. I felt they were under fried and lacked much flavour, even the fried basil had more flavour. Our server gave me a confused look when I asked for mayo, only to come back shortly to inform me that they don’t have any.

Overall, pretty decent eats given the location – beggars can’t be choosers, right? There were hits and misses here and there, but the service is definitely lacking. Slow and understaffed, our food was brought to us rushed and unsmiling.

pearl house restaurant
4611 number 6 road
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