catch 122

Even though brunch is served everyday until 4PM, you would still find a huge group huddled outside the doors of Catch 122 be it rain or shine. Parking took forever, DK and I ended up succumbing and went for a nearby parkade. After what seemed like forever of a wait outside in the winter chill, there was finally room to move us inside to continue our wait. We jumped to the opportunity of two vacant seats at the bar, since the other couples before us didn’t want it, which wasn’t a problem since DK and I love sitting at the bar.


With a signature Gastown brick wall, it in-cooperated the new and old with sleek designs. I loved the quirky signs it had around the restaurant, especially this one at the bar.


Mimosa – bubbles with your choice of orange or mango juice

What would a Sunday Brunch be without some Mimosas? One of each was ordered, and were both deliciously refreshing. The mango juice was an interesting twist to an old favourite, slighty sweeter but equally good.


Duck Prosciutto Eggs Benedict – house-cured yarrow meadows duck breast prosciutto, poached eggs, english muffin, hollandaise sauce, yukon nugget potato hash

Everything that was listed on this menu caught my eye, however, it was the ‘house-cured duck breast prosciutto’ part that won my heart. The meat itself was buttery and full of flavour, though a bit waxy, my only complaint was that there wasn’t enough. Though it was fried nicely, specially since the skins were kept on, it was rather under seasoned and unimpressive verses its counterpart on the left. Lets just say, both ketchup and Tabasco with a hint of black pepper was needed.


Croque Madame “Open-Face” – poached egg, house-smoked ham, gruyère cheese, cherry tomatoes, béchamel sauce, yukon nugget potato hash

DK was kind enough to let me have a small bite of his sandwich, it was cheesy and delicious, but I found the egg to be a little overdone for his. Also, you can taste the amount of vinegar they used to poach it, and it wasn’t good. Mine was most likely masked by the hollandaise sauce so it didn’t effect me as much. Once again, the potatoes were a disappointment.


Poutine duckcetta; confit duck, caramelized pearl onion, duck crackling, brie

You were not mistaken, the dish of poutine peaking out from the top right corner was ours as well. We were starving, having to wait that long, also not being able to decide on a few items. The potatoes had the same nice crispy exterior, and flaky interior as the hash, but since they’re topped with gravy and meats it was far more tastier. Though ratio of sauce-to-fry was limited, mainly due to how thick and condensed the gravy was, the bites that did have a bit of everything was heavenly.


Butter Croissant

It was a sad looking croissant, with the flavours to back it, definitely not what DK expected when he ordered it as a side. It’s not as buttery or flaky as one would expect from a croissant that had ‘butter’ in its name, it was more of something you can get at Costco, but even those would look a lot better.


Toasted House-Made Granolanuts, yogurt, poached fruit

In this case, pear. By the time our ‘dessert’ came, both of us knew we ordered too much. This was just average, I don’t know what it was that we expected, but we could have done away without it.

Overall, I don’t think anyone would get tired of brunches, so there will always be constant lineups. I did notice a different menu this time around, so I’m not sure if that means any changes in the kitchen/staff since the food had some hits and misses. Still, it was not so much that I would never come back, this place will always have a place in my tummy and a forever-place in Gastown.

catch 122
122 west hastings street
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