After our dinner at L’Abattoir, DK and I still felt a bit thirsty, since one bottle being shared between four doesn’t quite hit the spot. Unfortunately, the other two didn’t feel the same. Since we were going for something light, the first thing that came to my mind was Notturno, which conveniently was situated just across the street.

I’ve been to Notturno in the past, when it first opened as a more Italian small bites and wine bar, with the same owners and the famous H as a bartender, it transformed into more Italian tapas and cocktail bar. Since the change, my visits here have still mainly been about the food and wine, but now with DK, an expert in liquor, in tow I finally get to try H’s famous cocktails.


Seasonal Cocktail & Pinot Gris

Once again, I had forgotten to snap a picture –or at least a proper one, of their ever changing menu. First round of drinks, I continued on my wine-spree, and got myself a nice refreshing glass of Pinot Gris. Aside from it being Italian, I don’t remember the name or year of the wine. DK ordered a rather interesting featured drink, that advertised to taste like a PB & J sandwich, and boy did it deliver. I only took a sip, and the peanut-buttery foam on top worked really nicely with the raspberry flavoured concoction on the bottom. I’m not much of a fan of peanut butter, but it was straight down DK’s alley.



Though our stomachs were still full from dinner, our mouths were starting to get munchy after our first round of drinks. DK allowed me to order one thing, and one thing only. As a no-brainier, of course I had to go for the meat and cheese. Olive oil was lightly drizzled over the burrata, sprinkled with coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper, it the perfect pairing for the thinly slices of melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto. The cheese was really rich and smooth on the inside, with a lightly springy skin allowing some texture. The salt and pepper really brought out the creaminess of the cheese.


Seasonal Cocktail


Special Request

To wash down such decadent finger food, a second round of drinks was needed. Once again, DK ordered another drink from their menu which I do not recall, and I requested H to make me ‘something refreshing with Gin’. The result was a very foamy and sweet Gin Sour. The sweet and tartness balances out, and indeed, it was a very refreshing drink.

Aside from the cozy and dark decor, the washrooms were interesting as well, as they had nice quotes written on the chalkboard walls. It was a bit confusing to read at first, until you realize you have to follow where the arrows are pointing. I managed to take a quick ‘panoramic’ shot of the washroom, sorry if it seems a bit blurry, I didn’t want people to think I’m taking longer than needed in there since there was only one stall.

The drinks and service were outstanding, there is a bit of cheekiness to H that might come across as obnoxious to others, but I really liked that about his character. He has a strong standard and moral as a bartender, and will reject you straight up if you order something he deems as ‘undrinkable’, replying you “We don’t do that here.” The food, though we didn’t have anything that needed to be cooked, looked amazing as William Robitaille was whipping it up behind the counter on top of two portable electric stoves. You can tell they were both very good and passionate about what they do, and the whole ambiance of the restaurant and all its patrons can feel it. I can’t wait to come back here again!

280 carrall street
Notturno Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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